Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I'm A Slacker

Actually, there never seems to be much time to update this thing... kind of figured this would happen. Mornings are usually spent getting ready and spending some good quality time with the J-Bird. I don't get home from work until 6:45, and by the time we have eaten, taken a walk, and gotten him put to bed, it is 8:30 or so, and by then, my brain is usually too mushy to conjure up a meaningful thought. Now that Joshua can somewhat entertain himself (he's working away on his Exersaucer right now), I am going to try to squeeze in a few short morning updates a week. We'll see if that actually happens =) As for the J-Bird, he seems to be doing something new every few days. Just a couple weeks ago, tummy time was still a struggle for him, and he had to work at keeping up his head. Now he holds that melon up 90 degrees for 10-15 minutes at a time! I'm sure it is a much better view than seeing everything from your back. Which is probably why he has started rolling over as well. I don't know that some of them are entirely intentional, but he's going stomach to back and back to stomach on a regular basis now. Mobility is sneaking up on us! He is also becoming very vocal. No more grunts for Joshua... he has a wide vocabulary, including "a-goo" (pronounced "ah-goooooooooooooooo"), "guh", "buh", and a few select others. He has also discovered that those funky looking things on the ends of his arms have multiple uses, including pulling on mommy's hair, clenching daddy's arm hair, nose, and mouth, and sticking deep inside his own mouth. He has definitely figured out his hands, and is starting to reach out for stuff he is interested in. Let the safetyproofing of the house begin! Well, he's telling me he's done with the Exersaucer, so hopefully I can update again soon! Be sure to check out the photo album!