Monday, May 28, 2007

Joshua-to-English Dictionary

Now that Joshua is spitting out new words everyday, we thought it would useful to have a Joshua-English dictionary to help decipher some of the verbage. Some of the words he can say perfectly: Mommy, Daddy, puppy, bubble, cookie, juice, shoes, socks, "I Sit in Seat", cheese, fishies, "Lets Go", "I Can See It". Here's the ones that need some translation:

Up The Steps = "Uh-Pee-Seps!"
Ball = "Bah-oe"
Milk = "Guk"
Strawberry = "Buh-buh-bee"
Please = "Peace"
Amen = "Muh-Men"
Night-Night = "Nah-nee"
Nathaniel = "Nah-nee"
Potty = "Poo-pee"
Airplane = "Ah-poe"