Thursday, May 18, 2006

11 Months!

Okay, so much for updating more often.

Physical - Still not walking! In fact, we think he is pretty content with crawling, since he does it so well. Why walk when you can fly around on all fours?! He can actually stand quite well on his own, until he notices that he is standing by himself, then he grabs for something to hold on to.

Health - Not sure what his weight is, since he doesn't have another weight check until his 1 year checkup, but he sure feels heavier. Either that or we are getting weaker. In other news, I think that we actually had an alligator. In our last update, he was working on tooth #9, a molar. #9 has barely broken through, and he is also working on #10 AND #11, both molars as well. So he is pretty much cutting THREE molars at once, and he is not enjoying it. At most times during the day he usually has 1 or 2 fingers in his mouth, he;s drooling like crazy, and he has been extra cranky (at least for him). No other health issues really... we were blessed with a very healthy kid.

Development - It seems like Joshua is doing something new everyday, and we are having so much fun with him right now. He has discovered that he has a tongue, and if you stick yours out at him, he will stick his right back. Just last weekend he discovered that he could clap while sitting in his high chair at Grandma B's. He doesn't really copycat clap, just does it randomly. He also LOVES to wave bye-bye, usually while going "ayaayaayaayaayaa". We do have a few words that we are pretty sure he means to say: "dada", "mama", "gaga" (we think this is Copper, because he says it and looks directly at her), and "HI!". Not "hi", but "HI!". Brenda also taught Joshua to blow kisses to people, which is very cute. He is rolling right along with the foods, and we think that he is getting tired of eating baby foods, because we are having to fight him more and more with them (although that could be a teething thing too). He loves to eat things big-boy style... a few of his favorites are pickles, waffles (a new discovery), Nilla Wafers, Club crackers, Zwieback toast, Cheerios, sometimes a Gerber meat stick. He's not so fond of fresh fruit yet, still kind of prefers that in a jar. But he loves his crunchy carbs!

Hopefully it won't take me another month to update. Until next time...