Friday, April 14, 2006


Okay, so I am a slacker. Readership is now probably down to about 2 people on this blog, and that includes me =P So, here is a super-sized update:

Physical - Joshua is crawling around at light speed. It's actually kind of amusing when he gets going because his arms and legs kind of flail out a little bit, and for some reason he looks a little like a spider. Copper is not very amused by the crawling though... he has taken to charging her at full speed and head butting her side. He can pull himself up on just about anything these days, which means our end tables are now very clean and our glass patio door is not. He can cruise quite well, but no walking just yet. We bought him a push-behind walker (which for some reason is made to resemble a mail-cart. Reach for the stars kid... you can work in the mailroom when you grow up!!!) and he absolutely loves it. He is getting the hang of pushing it around and will do laps between rooms with it. He resembles a little old lady while he's using it though. He pushes it out in front of him, then takes a couple steps. All he needs are the little yellow tennis balls on the front and he's set.

Health - He had his weight check today, and he gained a full 1 pound 6 ounces in the past month alone, which means he is now up to 18 pounds 11 ounces (13th percentile). He was in the 5th percentile last month, so that is a great improvement. His iron actually registered a little lower than last time, but the doctor said that since he is gaining weight and developing normally, she is not too concerned about it. He is going to stay on the iron drops, and they will probably recheck it at 12 months. Teeth numbers 7 and 8 have officially broken through and are no longer causing him pain. However, tooth number 9 is working its way out, and this one is a molar, so we are having lots of fun. He is actually handling it fairly well and is still sleeping good at night. But he has had his rough patches during the day. Hopefully it will break through soon so the little guy won't be in so much pain. Not much else to report, the doc said everything was perfect.

Development - Toys are becoming more and more fun for the J-Man. He has developed the motor skills to put balls into the right holes in his toys, and loves to take things out of one thing and put them in another. We just bought him a shape sorter, so that should be a hit in the coming months. The coolest thing is that he has started to mimic some of the things we do (no more flipping the bird on the freeway Brenda!!! j/k). The two things he mimics most often are smacking his mouth with his hand to make the ba-ba-ba sound, and blowing razberries on one another. As far as talking goes, we don't have words just yet, but he is babbling a ton, and he understands what a few words mean (mama, papa/dada, puppy, "fall back"). He will probably be a late talker, as I was a grunter as a child, and Brenda was apparently a squealer (spare us the pig jokes please!).

That is about it for now. Hope everyone is doing well, and I will try to post a little more often. Until then...