Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Slip Slidin' Away

Joshua shows Mommy how he uses the slide all by himself.

Crackin' Up

Snackin and crackin... up

Thursday, November 09, 2006

What's up with the J-Bird

Sorry yet again for the long gap in posts. But there is never a dull moment in the Maple house with the J-man around! He has really been cracking us up lately, and learning so many things. So here's what's up with the J-Bird over the last month...

Joshua is beginning to realize that his mouth can be used for more than shoving food into, and he has discovered some words... actually we think he is deciding to bypass single words all together, and go straight for sentences. His favorite thing to say is "Don't touch it." (Gee, where did he get that?) He also says "what is it?", as well as Copper, fishy, ma ma, da da, and he tries to say his own name. His teachers are amazed at how much he understands, and tell us that he is way ahead of the curve in that area for his age. It seems that everyday he is doing something new. You just never know what he's going to do next!

Joshua took his first trip to the zoo a few weeks ago, and had a blast. His favorite part was the petting zoo. He chose one goat that belonged to him. Whenever anyone else would want to pet "his" goat, he had to go make sure they were not going to take his goat away. As he gets older we're sure he will grow to really enjoy all parts of the zoo, as he really seems to love animals.

For Halloween, Joshua dressed as Superman, and was the cutest kid on the block! Our neighborhood was so festive... everyone got in on the fun. We had such a good time taking him trick-or-treating down the street, and meeting some neighbors we had not yet met. He was really getting the hang of trick-or-treating. After a few houses, he knew what to do, and would take off running for the front door once we were half way up the driveway.

Well, I guess that brings you up to speed on our little J-Monkey. Make sure you check out his photos!