Friday, August 25, 2006

Long time, no update

Well, life has been a little crazy these last few weeks, so the Maples sincerely apologize for slacking. On the Joshua front, the little man is full steam ahead in the walking department. He really decided he was completely done with crawling right after we moved into our new house. I think he loves the open space that we have now. Plenty of room to run around and places to hide and get in trouble (i.e., fireplace). He is also really starting to show us his silly side. He sits at the dinner table (no more highchair)and makes funny faces at us, just to get our reaction. He is able to identify many animals, and is great at following directions. He definitely has his stubborn streak (gee, where did he get that?), but most of the time makes good choices and does what he is asked to do.

Now that he has hit the big 0-1, he has been promoted into the big-boy classroom at daycare. He loves to participate in the activities with the other kids, like painting (more on him, the other kids and his teacher than on the canvas), blowing bubbles and dancing to music. He no longer sleeps in a crib, but on a little cot, and all of the kids eat together around these little round tables. Joshua took a few days to warm up to sleeping in a non-confined environment, but after a few days, he was back to normal, taking naps of more than an hour.

On the family front, for those of you who don't know, the Maples call a new house home. We moved into our "dream house" about 4 weeks ago. This is the same house (same floorplan, anyway) that we almost bought three years ago. It's a little bit bigger than our old house, has a HUGE back yard and the best part is.... its ONE STORY! It's an older house, so there are a few fixer-upper things, but that gives Andrew a chance to finally get all those tools dirty!

I suppose that is enough of a novel for now. We promise to try to be better about posting (Andrew has finally showed me how, so it's not all on him anymore.) So until next time...God bless!!!