Tuesday, July 11, 2006

One Giant Leap For Mankind

Like Neil Armstrong on the moon, Joshua finally took one small step for man. Actually he took a whole bunch of little ones! Yes, the world as we know it is going to be forever changed. Our little J-Bird has finally figured out how to walk, and is slowly but surely finding out that he can use this newfound skill to take him places. On July 3rd, we bought one of those cheap rubber balls from Walmart, the kind that are about 2 feet tall, figuring that Joshua would love to push it around. Little did we know that it would be the motivation he needed to walk! We were rolling it back and forth, when he pulled himself up on it. He pushed it back over to me, and was left standing there, holding on to nothing, in the middle of the room. We gave him a little encouragement to come on over to the ball, and much to our surprise, he took 4 or 5 wobbly steps! Brenda and I both looked at each other like "Did you just see what I saw?!". He has done it plenty of times since then, with and without the ball, and is slowly but surely walking instead of crawling in some situations. What is so cool is that he is SO excited about being able to walk! He doesn't have this unsure, "oh crap" look on his face. No, he has this like of sheer joy, a bright beaming smile, laughing half the time. He loves it!

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