Friday, June 15, 2007

From Silent Bob to Verbal Diarrhea

(Note: This was originally posted on Brenda's Myspace blog)

Just about 6 weeks ago, I was at my wits end, very concerned that Joshua was not talking. I was convinced we were going to need to get him evaluated, and all that. Then, he just exploded. He's got probably about 50-60 words now, most of which can be understood pretty clearly. I am the happiest mommy in the world, now that I can verbally communicate with my kiddo. What is funny is that he was so quiet for so long, now he's making up for lost time. We really can't shut the kid up! He narrates everything that he does.. "I sit!" "Go to da store" "Up-ey Steps", and is mimicking everything. It is hilarious, but also a little unnerving. We are now to the point where we REALLY need to watch what comes out of our mouths. It really makes you stop and think what appropriate language really is. Obviously we shouldn't be saying the major offenses (little one in the house or not)... but what about calling someone an idiot on the road? Do I want to hear my son calling someone an idiot? Absoultely not. Or even just saying that something "sucks". We're really trying to G-rate our language and behavior. Then, what about shows that are on the TV? He is always paying attention to everything, so it stands to reason that the old boob tube can be an influence on him, even at this young age. I know he is going to be exposed to this stuff, especially as he begins to gain more and more independence over the next few years (can we say, elementary school???), but there is a big difference between being exposed to it, and condoning it. I feel that if these things commonly happen in our home, we are saying that they are okay, which I am not okay with. Just another sacrifice of parenting! But it is SO worth it!!!

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