Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Time Is Here!

This has probably been the best Christmas season I have ever had. Sure, Christmas is fun when you’re a kid. The anticipation of Santa and the gifts you get, and all the fun stuff leading up to Christmas. But to me, it is even more fun to watch my kids experience the same things that I got excited about when I was little. This year, Joshua has begun to understand Christmas, and has really been having a great time with all of the festivities. We have made all sorts of cookies together. Josh is a great helper in the kitchen and loves to help mommy cook, so those have been some really special times for us this season. This past weekend we made and decorated sugar cookies, which was a blast! Josh did such a great job. He decorated his own cookie sheet full of cookies with m&m’s, colored sugar and sprinkles. He helped decorate the tree, and of course helped Daddy put the angel on top (a job he is still very proud of).

We are also really enjoying passing down our traditions to our kids. When we decorated our tree, we got to explain some of our ornaments to Joshua. Everyday he points to the “Parents to Be” ornament from 2004 and tells me that was when he was in mommy’s tummy. One day we hope that both Josh and Ben will enjoy reminiscing while decorating their Christmas trees with their families. We’ve also been sure to catch all of the traditional Christmas shows on TV this year. Charlie Brown Christmas (which is by far Joshua’s fav... every time he hears the music from the show on the radio, he yells “Snoopy!!!”), the old claymation Rudolph, and Frosty the Snowman (Happy Birthday!).

We are enjoying everything so much this year, I can’t wait for Christmas 2 years from now when Ben is Josh’s age and they both are excited about Christmas. What a wonderful time of year!!!

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