Monday, December 08, 2008

Wii Fit

Merry Christmas to us! Andrew and I decided to go the old married couple route for Christmas this year, and just get ourselves something as a joint gift. We decided on the Wii Fit... of course the hardest to find gift of the season! After checking a couple stores, we actually ran across one at Toys R Us and snatched it up. It is the coolest thing! You can do yoga, strengthening, aerobics and balance games. You really work up a sweat, and man do your muscles feel the workout the next day. It is a smart system, which helps with your yoga and strengthening form, telling you where to keep your center of balance. I am hooked! One of the most fun things is hula hooping. You look absolutely ridiculous, but it is so much fun and really works the abs and legs. I am able to laugh at myself and how totally dumb I look, so I wanted to share so you can laugh with me. Thanks, Andrew for this little gem of a video! Ha ha! You can't see the screen very well, but I am hula hooping, and when I lean to the side, I'm trying to catch another hoop someone is throwing at me.


Just lil ol me! said...

LOL...this reminds me of a video I saw on you tube a few months least youre not in your underwear!

Jen said...

I'm a big Wii Fit fan, too! Glad you found one!

OurCarsAndCops said...

i am addicted to wii fit and I CANT STOP HULA HOOPING! I LOVE IT. I love even more that daniel cant beat my number 1 record. HAHA Its also nice to have so much fun but to get a work out...i have been so sore lately!

p.s. i was surprised it was only $89 for the wii fit!