Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Big Boy!!!

I can pretty much say that Ben is totally potty trained!!! Whoo hoo!!!

Because he did so well over the long weekend, I really wanted him to get a shot in underpants at school for at least part of the day. So yesterday morning I called and talked to his teacher, Ms. Victoria, and told her my plan. I told her how great he did over the weekend, and suggested that maybe he go diaperless in the afternoon. Although she sounded skeptical that he was ready for that, she agreed. Knowing the dilemma they have about little boys with skinny butts sitting on the potty (i.e., issues with aiming), I suggested that they sit him on the potty backwards, since they are unable to assist him with his aim. That seemed to do the trick. That afternoon after nap he used the potty twice, and didn't have any accidents. He even wore his underpants home.

This morning we simply didn't put a diaper on him after he woke up. His teachers followed our lead, and at the end of the day he came home in the same pants and underpants he went to school in! His teachers even "acted on faith" and didn't even put him in a diaper for his nap. So he wore his underpants for 13 hours today with no accidents!

We're pretty sure that we could even do away with his overnight diapers, since he has woken up dry everyday for over a week, and even woke up last night at about 11:00 because he needed to go. It's so exciting to know that very soon we'll be able to officially hang up the Huggies!

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