Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Work Goes On

Our house is still a work in progress after The Big Storm back in January, but we're getting there! With all of the rain we've had this year, it seems like every time it's rained, we're finding a new place where our house isn't water tight. One issue we've found in the last couple of times it's rained is that there is a small amount of water coming in on the outside wall of the chimney. We've known the trim on the chimney could have used to be replaced, as the wood was really warped and separating from the house. So before we close up the wall, we wanted to get the trim replaced and make sure that solves the problem and seals everything up tight. Andrew worked so hard, and did a great job replacing the wood. Check it out!

Here's the before:

And here's the progress that was made this weekend. Quite a difference!

One of the other things we had noticed was that the cap at the top of our chimney wasn't really fitting properly. So we had someone come out to look at it, and come to find out the whole thing needed replacing. So now, we have a brand new chimney cap!

We're supposed to get another storm passing through this week, so after that we'll hopefully be able to confirm that the rain will all stay outside, and we can get going on the fun part... having our living room drywalled and painted! I'm so excited to have this all done, and to see our new living room! Here's hoping it gets done sooner rather than later!

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