Friday, May 14, 2010

Spring Garden 2010

At the end of March we planted our spring garden. This year we decided to go with more seeds than pre-sprouted plants. We chose corn, snap peas and zucchini, and also got a tomato and strawberry plant. Here it was then:

and here it is now:

We've already been able to enjoy a couple of the tomatoes...

And today we got our first zucchini blossom.

This flower is a male (zucchini are like other squash and have male and female flowers) but unlike my failed pumpkins last year we have plenty of healthy female blossoms that are growing and will probably open soon, so I'm confident the zucchini will fare better than the poor pumpkins did.

The peas are getting going too.

The corn has been going crazy! They are starting to grow their pollen...

and yesterday we saw some silks starting, which will hopefully turn into an ear of corn.

Can't wait to see how these home grown goodies will taste!


Jen said...

We missed planting peas this year and I'm bumming. So glad you're enjoying them. We just got our first zucchini blossom, and our first beans. How do you know if the blossom is male or female?

Lea said...

Wow I am so impressed with your green thumb! Go you!