Thursday, August 05, 2010

Benny is 3! - Round 1

Well, Ben isn't officially 3 until Tuesday, but since his school is on break next week he celebrated his birthday with his friends at school today. He chose cupcakes to bring and share with his friends, and of course, all the kids loved them. Since we weren't able to be there, we left our camera with the teacher to take some pictures for us.

I think Will needs more sugar. Don't you?

The three musketeers. Maddie N., Benny and Will.

There are plenty more birthday festivities planned over the next week. Happy birthday, Benny Boo!

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Lea said...

Can't believe our boys are turning 3! I still remember you posting on here the morning of your c-section, and I was so excited for you and thinking about my own coming baby. Where does the time go?!