Sunday, October 17, 2010

Soccer Star!

Joshua has officially started his first organized sport. We've been wanting to get him into something for a while now, but like with so many other things, it was just hard to get our act together! We thought soccer might be a good fit for him, so we went for it. How cute is he in his soccer uniform!

At the first practice, the kids decided their team name should be the Dragons. Josh was a little disappointed because he wanted to be the Tigers, but he still thinks the Dragons are pretty cool. He's doing so well! He had his first game yesterday (against the Dragon Sharks), and got a few good kicks of the ball in. It was so fun to see him out there!

At half time it was time for a quick snack!

He really had a great time, and definitely worked up a sweat!

Although no official score is kept, our count was a 2-2 tie. Game 2 is next week, and we're so excited to see him get some more time on the field. Go Dragons!

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