Sunday, August 28, 2011

First Day of School

August 8th was a big day for Joshua... his very first day of first grade! I think we were more nervous about it than he was.

We had met his teacher, Mrs. Dobyns, the week before and got to see his super cool classroom, so he was really excited to get started. On the big day we all went together to see him off. It was a bit more of a madhouse than what we were used to since his last school was SO much smaller, but despite the hundreds (and hundreds) of people, everything was very well organized and the chaos was at a minimum. We parked across the street and walked up to his new digs.

We found where he was supposed to line up ad before we knew it, he was off to class. He was so brave. He didn't cling, cry, whine or even hesitate to follow his class inside. He had a great first day, and first week, doing a great job on all of his school work and making a couple new friends. He just loves being a Brisas Gecko. :)

The following week, Benny started Pre-K at North Phoenix Baptist Church. His teacher from last year, who he loved, moved up to Pre-K so Benny was super excited to have another year with Ms. Debbie. I'm sure it will be a great year for both of them!

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Lisa said...

He looks so grown up! Love the glasses! :)