Sunday, October 02, 2005


Today was a special day in the Maple house. Brenda and I dedicated Joshua to the Lord today. What's that you say? Our church, like most non-denominational churches, does not believe in the baptizing of babies. We believe that baptism is a choice that each and every person needs to make on their own, when they are knowledgable enough to make that decision. So what we did today was basically have a prayer of blessing by one of the pastors from our church, and Brenda and I have committed ourselves, before God, to raise Joshua in a way so that he will know who Jesus is, and why He died for us, and what all of this means. And when he is old enough, we pray that he will choose to be baptized, and turn his own life over to Christ. We took pictures and video of the ceremony... I will get the pictures in the photo album soon, and once I get the right stuff and figure it out, will try to post the video online.

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