Thursday, October 25, 2007

Update on Brenda

Most of you probably know, but Brenda's surgery on Friday went well. The procedure took a little more than an hour, recovery took another hour, and back home we went. Brenda's mom was wonderful and watched Joshua and Ben that afternoon, and stayed the night to help out as well. At this point, from what we know and see, the procedure appears to have been successful. The incision is healing normally, Brenda has not had any fluid drainage, and after visiting the doctor on Wednesday, he told her she was done! We are both still cautiously optimistic about everything... I think having to endure this for the past 10 weeks has made us a little bit skeptical, but with each passing day we both grow more confident that this chapter is finally behind us. Brenda is still experiencing some pain in the incision (all normal) and does not have much energy (also normal), but all of that should hopefully pass soon. At some point in the near future, one or both of us will probably reflect on the whole thing and post our thoughts. Thanks to everyone that has helped out through all of this.

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