Friday, November 02, 2007

The Endangered Gukky

As any 2 year old learning to speak will do, Joshua has had his share of mispronounced words, most of them cute or downright funny. However, over the last week or two, he has been clarifying more and more words. Words are still cute in his little 2 year old voice, but they actually sound like the actual words now. I thought it would be a good time to list a few of our favorites:

"Gukky" - This is the catch-all word, the "I don't know how to say it and I don't want to try, so I'll just say gukky" word. Gukky has been used as a verb, noun, adjective, and probably a few other terms I'm too dumb to think of =) Some examples: "I gukky mommy" means "I help Mommy"; "Gukky-sin" = "Medicine"; "Gukky Street" = "Sesame Street"; "Gukky-nahny" = "Macaroni"; "Gukky-rie" = "Butterfly". In any case, "gukky" has been slowly disappearing from his vocabulary, and we'll surely miss it when it is gone.

"My Did It" - In addition to perfecting his language skills, Josh is like any other 2 year old and wants to do EVERYTHING himself. Instead of saying "I'll do it", he would say "MY Did It". This has changed in the last few days to "My Do It".

"Mommy/Daddy Help You" - Josh will say this when he needs help with something. We would always ask "Do you want mommy to help you?", so we're guessing that is why he asks for help by saying "Mommy help you...". Even funnier was when I tried to teach him to say "Mommy help me", and he came back with "Mommy help you me..."

"Baby Bo / Gisamin" - This is how Josh says Baby Ben / Benjamin. Heck, sometimes I find myself calling him Bo!

"Da-de-da-da's" - Josh's current favorite TV show is the Backyardigans, and somehow, this is how he has decided they are pronounced.

"Mee-nah-mo" - Josh's daycare teacher last year was named Kim, or as the kids called her, Miss Kim; Or as Josh called her, "Mee-nah-mo". Took us a few weeks to figure out what the heck he was talking about with this one!

"Chevy Chase" - We have ABSOLUTELY no idea what this is. He has said it a few times around the same time that we showed him Mickey Mouse, but he knows how to say Mickey Mouse and he has said Chevy Chase at other times as well. Maybe he's sneaking out and watching Fletch while we're sleeping.

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Mr. & Mrs Polychrones said...

Min-a-moh! Loves her Joshua.... I love that name it will stay with me forever! Thank you for sharing Joshua with me even though it was just for year!