Friday, August 01, 2008


Ben's cognitive skills seem to have exploded over the last week or so. A couple weeks ago, I was thinking to myself that he just doesn't seem to be getting what we're saying. In thinking back to Josh at this age, he seemed to understand a lot more than Ben appeared to. I was never concerned about a delay or anything, it was just an observation. Then all of a sudden, Ben has started following directions and really seeming to understand what we are saying to him. He will give us a bite of his food when we ask for it, he will stop doing something when we tell him to stop... it's amazing to see how the light bulb has suddenly come on. Last night during dinner, he even tried to copy us blowing kisses and clapping his hands. He hasn't quite gotten these things down yet to a fine art, but it was so cool to see him try. As the birthday fast approaches, he seems to be growing up even faster. What will he do next?

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