Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Not Ready for Weaning

Now that Ben is officially one, I wanted to try to start weaning him from the breast to cow's milk. He has been drinking cows milk once a day for a couple weeks now, and does just fine with it. But this kid really loves nursing, which makes my heart soar! =) Our current nursing schedule gives him 3 nursings a day... 1st thing in the morning, right before dinner and right before bed. I wanted to try to cut out the early evening feeding on Monday, and try to give him milk with his dinner. But when I got home, all he was interested in was Mommy's milk. I tried giving him some cow's milk in a sippy cup, and he would have none of it. He pushed it away in utter disgust and then started poking at my shirt, as if trying to figure out how to get to those things he really wanted. So, of course I gave in! I don't want to take it away from him if he's not done with it. It feels nice to have that freedom to nurse if we want to, but if he doesn't, he can have cow's milk and it doesn't make a bit of difference. So I am going to just let him tell me when he's ready to wean, and enjoy this time with him while I still can! =)


Anonymous said...

Cute blog Brenda. Love the b-day pics. Now that Ben's enjoying that sippy cup, I'm sure it won't be long.


Lea said...

I have been trying to cut back on nursing myself, but Asher has not been having it! The only milk I can really give him is ricemilk, and he hasn't been very interested at all. These boys know what they like!

The Bangos said...

I think that's great Brenda - I know I won't be ready to stop when Gracie turns one - actually makes me teary eyed when I think of stopping. I just love it, and so does she. She drinks her rice milk from a sippy too, but I am still nursing her like 6 or more times a day since I'm home and she can just come up when she wants a drink. I love being on this soap box! :) Love you!