Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Best Laid Plans...

It wasn't a huge shock to us on Monday afternoon when Andrew was told by the daycare that Ben had a fever and so couldn't return to school until Wednesday. He had been somewhat congested and had a very low grade fever on Monday morning, and usually the afternoon is when it really hits. So, of course the preparations began to figure out who was staying home with him. What's hard this week is that we both already have to take a day off of work because daycare is closed Thursday and Friday for teacher training. It's difficult for me to take too much time off of work since I am the one and only employee, and Andrew had something that he had to get done this morning, so we devised the perfect plan. I would drop Ben off at my parents house and my mom would watch him until Andrew was done and Andrew would pick him up, then I would pick Josh up from school that afternoon. Sounds great, right? Wrong! As is always the way, the kid that is being forced to stay home is perfectly fine. Fever is gone and he is rip roaring ready to get into whatever trouble he can find. But as soon as Josh woke up this morning we knew our plan was foiled. He didn't have a fever, but we knew there was something that was not quite right about him. Andrew made his breakfast and sat him down at the table, but he wouldn't touch it, which is very unlike him. Josh is big on breakfast, just like his Mommy. All he wanted to do was cuddle with us. So we decided to keep him out of school today too. Okay, no big deal. Instead of dropping just Ben off, I'll drop them both off. Still a pretty good plan. Oh no. Wrong again. Right after I called my mom to ask her if she could watch them both this morning, without any warning, Josh emptied the contents of his stomach right on the living room rug. And then again on the living room rug...and then again in the hallway. By the time we actually made it into the bathroom, his tummy was feeling just fine again. SO, second change of plans for the morning. The final verdict was that I would stay home until Andrew got done with his work project, and then I would go in. I was at work by 10:30, so I really only missed 2 hours today. But my goodness. This morning gave our normal stressful mornings a real run for their money.

In the end, Josh is completely fine. We figure this was his annual random throw-up that he tends to do. The rest of the day he couldn't get enough food in him. So he should be cleared to go to school tomorrow. The day turned out okay, but what a morning!

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