Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween 2008

Halloween has come and gone, and it really was the best one ever! On Wednesday night we carved our pumpkin, and Josh even helped scoop out some of the goo. He quickly decided that job wasn't very glamorous, so of course the rest of the work fell to Mommy. While I was carving what I think was a pretty kick butt pumpkin, Josh set to work painting his very own pumpkin that we had gotten at the farm a couple weeks ago. He had a blast. I put some of each color into paper cups, and showed him how we mix colors and make different colors. He thought that was pretty darn cool. Then I showed him the coolest part of all... at least he thought so. I gave him a cup with just water in it to clean his brushes, and he was amazed that the water would change colors. Before long, the pumpkin painting was forgotten, and we were just getting paint on our paintbrush and making the water change colors. But his pumpkin definitely got sufficiently painted. Benny even helped out some.

Friday was awesome. Andrew and I got off of work early and picked up the kids right after nap. We went to my parents house to show off the costumes, and then came home for dinner and to get ready for the big show! All of my concerns that Josh wouldn't want to wear his costume were completely unfounded, thank goodness!!! He happily got into his costume, and never once complained about it being scratchy or hot. The face painting took a little coaxing, but we finally got him to come around on that, and we ended up with the cutest little guinea pig ever! We went trick or treating down about 3 streets in our neighborhood. Josh was guiding our way, telling us which houses had lights on that we could go to. Ben was really getting in on the fun too. Whenever someone would hold out their bowl for him, he would take his candy and drop it in his bucket, like an ol' pro! After about an hour, Josh told us he was done and wanted to go home. But with 2 kids trick or treating, you end up with a TON of candy without even trying! So we headed home and then headed out again to join our small group for a get together. Josh even wanted to put on his costume again to show his friends! We all got home and collapsed at around 10:00. What a fun day.

Now it's November, the weather is cooling, birthdays are abounding (including mine!) and the holiday season is rapidly approaching. I gotta say, our Halloween was a great way to kick off all of the fun of the season!


Lea said...

Your boys look so adorable! I love Ben as Superman!

Steve & Nancy said...

Love it!!! They look awesome! Sounds like you had a fabulous time :)