Monday, January 26, 2009


That is definitely the scariest reading we have ever seen on a thermometer, but there it was plain as day this afternoon. Joshua's fever reached the danger point, and was still 2 hours away from being able to take his next dose of Motrin. We are not rush to the hospital people, so we decided to take a little bit more of a conservative route. My mom suggested putting him in a tepid bath, and the pediatrician said we could give him some Tylenol since it was too early for Motrin, so after about an hour his fever was down to 103. Fevers are kind of like gas prices. After seeing 105.8, 103 didn't seem too bad! So tonight we will be checking him periodically to make sure he hasn't spiked again and will be keeping a close eye on him tomorrow. Tomorrow will be another tag-team day for Andrew and I, both of us needing to have some time in the office, so each of us working short days. It's hectic, but we make it work.

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Just lil ol me! said...

I had a lot of really high fevers as a kid. The trick my Mom used was she would take one of my Dads t-shirts and then stick in cold water and put it on me. I hated it but it usually did the trick! I'm sorry you guys have had such a hard time with sick kids lately! My prayers are with you and the kiddos! Hopefully today is a new day and they are feeling better!