Monday, February 23, 2009

Josh's New Room

I don't know what it is about Sundays. Every other day of the week the kids are good nappers. But on Sunday, they both seem to balk at the thought of a mid-day snooze. Thankfully Josh will hang out in his room for an hour or so giving us a little break, so we'll take what we can get I suppose. This past Sunday, Josh apparently had a bit too much energy for sleeping. After he was in his room for a an hour and a half or so, he came out of his room and announced that he had to show me something. I followed him in his room and found that a tornado had hit while he was in there. His bed, which is usually in the corner against the wall, was in the center of his room... the top drawer of his dresser was on the floor with all of the contents strewn about and I think every book he owns was somewhere on the floor. I thought about taking a picture, but before I went to get the camera I had already begun to clean it, without even realizing it! Darn obsessive nature! I asked him why he did that, more amazed than upset, and he told me he wanted his bed a different way. So, I decided to rearrange his room. He was so exited that the side of his bed wasn't up against the wall anymore and that he could get out of either side. He is so proud of his new room that he has been meticulously keeping it clean. When we were reading our bedtime books, he wouldn't even let the book we weren't reading touch the floor because that would mess up his new room. And when we got home this afternoon, he said that he couldn't watch TV until his covers were all fixed. Maybe we should rearrange the furniture in every room so that Josh will do all the cleaning for me! It could work, right?

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