Saturday, September 05, 2009

Fun at Home Depot

While I was having some Mommy Time with one of my favorite people this morning, Andrew took the boys to Home Depot to pick up a couple things to finish a project Andrew's been working on. While they were there, Joshua smelled popcorn and decided they needed to find out where the popcorn was (he's his mommy's boy all the way and could eat his weight in popcorn !). When the found the popcorn, they also found something else. Home Depot does kid workshops the first Saturday of each month. They are totally free, and the kids get to make a craft, their very own Home Depot apron, and a pin to put on their apron showing that they completed their project. This month's project was a bean bag toss. As is expected with him, Joshua took a little convincing to do the project, but Andrew is so good about getting him to do things he naturally shies away from, so with a little coaxing he decided he wanted to participate. They worked together as a team, and Andrew was even brave enough to hold the nails while Joshua pounded them into the wood, and he came out of that one unscathed! They did a great job! While they were working hard on their project, Ben was content to munch on popcorn, but he did get his very own apron too! Since they hadn't planned on doing this today, and since Andrew was handling both kids by himself like the super dad that he is, he wasn't able to get any pictures of the project making. But of course we took some when we got home!

We would like to make this a monthly thing, and start taking advantage of more of the freebie workshops and crafts available around town. Sure can't beat a free morning of activities!

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