Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Joshua has been working so hard learning his letter names and sounds. He knows the sounds of 18 letters (including both the long and short sounds of "a" and "e"), and one of the sounds that the rest of the vowels and "c" and "g" make. He's doing so good, especially for only being barely 4 years old. We're also working on some letter combination sounds, like "ch" and "sh". He quickly learned that when you put 2 o's together they say "oo", and tonight we took it a step further. I found a flash card that had the word "moon" on it and asked him what it said, after covering up the picture on the card. I told him to say the sound of each letter when I point to it. He nailed them all and it clicked with him that when you put all the sounds together, it says "moon". This was the first time he has legitimately sounded out a word. 't believe it, and he was so proud of himself after seeing my reaction.

He is doing even better with learning how to read than I thought he would (and I always knew he would rock the house). I am so proud of him and can't wait for HIM to read ME the bedtime story!

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