Friday, January 15, 2010


It all started with a 4:30 a.m. wake up call this morning... "My cheek hurts" Joshua cries to us. Andrew got up to see what was the matter and put him back to bed, but when he was then told that his forehead hurt, Andrew took Josh's temperature to find a 101.7. Well, I guess we're staying home today! So I stayed home with him. We watched TV, played board games and spent a little low key time in the backyard. The fever came back once the Motrin wore off, but we had it pretty well under control. Then, after his nap he woke up crying. I took his temperature and found it to be 105! Instantly I'm thinking flu. I called the doctor, at Andrew's urging, and they wanted to see us right away. The doctor believes that he has the H1N1 flu, although they don't test for it because the test isn't accurate enough to be reliable. We left the doctor's office with two prescriptions for Tamiflu (one for Josh and one for Ben as a preventative measure). He's a pretty darn sick little boy right now. Poor guy. But despite his obvious misery right now, he's still just as sweet as can be. We are praying that this passes through him quickly and that somehow the rest of us, especially Ben, can be spared. Until then, we'll just wait for Joshua's piggy noes and curly tail to grow in!


Jen said...

Poor thing, I hope he is feeling better soon. :(

Mommy said...

Oh I hope he feels better Brenda! My nephew (12 yrs old) has the swine flu a few months ago. He is all better. To answer your question on my blog- Yes, we left CCC. We attend Sun Valley Community Church only because it's 5 minutes away :) We miss everyone at CCC. We will come say hi one of these Sundays.