Sunday, January 10, 2010

They're Really Growing Up...

It has been nagging at me that we haven't been working with Ben on using a big boy (i.e., non-sippy) cup. Joshua had pretty much mastered it by this age, and I know that when Ben turns three the doctor is going to remind me that he should be off of the sippy cup (not that I feel I need to adhere to the doctor's timing on things, but on this issue I totally agree). I had tried a few times with him, but he didn't seem to understand the concept of tipping the cup and tipping his head at the same time, and I'll be the first to admit that I didn't try too hard... at all. But today I took it a little more seriously, and he totally got it. I gave him a "special" cup to use, and let him put the water in it, then to my surprise, he took a big drink from it, like he's been doing it forever! Something just seemed to click with him, and now he's a pro! At dinner he had his milk in his "special" cup and drank the whole thing nearly perfectly! I was so excited. Just another check mark on the big boy list!

Joshua also surprised the heck out of me at dinner tonight, cutting his meat with a (butter) knife and fork. It just made him look so old, and now here's one more way we've become obsolete to him.

Joshua also finished reading his very first book today. At his recent trip to the library, Andrew got him a "Dick and Jane" book to read. Most of the words in the book are ones he can read by sight, but there were plenty of new ones. These books are timeless - and awesome - for beginning readers. He has done amazing and was so proud of himself when we finished the last page of the book today. We can't wait to read our next book "Cat Can Cook" by Dr. Seuss.

I'm such a proud mama of these two beautiful little boys. Sometimes I look at them and think "How have you grown up so fast?!?" One day I know I'm going to wake up and they're going to be all grown up and on their own! It reminds me to really take the time to enjoy them, play with them and soak up as many cuddles as I can!

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Lea said...

Asher, all on his own, decided that he prefers regular cups to his sippy cups, and he does great with them (except when he's being naughty and decides to dump it out!). Hard to believe they're getting close to the age where sippy cups will be a complete thing of the past!