Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gotta Eat Your Vegetables!

It's so great living in Arizona. Our mild winters mean that we can grow various things throughout the year. Since our pumpkins and squash didn't pan out this past fall, we thought we would try our hand at growing some vegetables over the winter. We planted radishes, cauliflower and carrots a few months ago, and it has been fun learning how vegetables grow as opposed to fruits. Here were our little sprouts on January 15th:

The radishes are on the left, carrots on the right and cauliflower along the back row. The radishes have been super happy, and we've had quite a harvest of them.

Apparently our bag of seeds had some white radish seeds mixed in. The red ones have had such a strong zesty flavor, while the white ones are a bit more mild, but all of them have been super tasty. Much more so than any you would find in the store.

This weekend I decided to pull a few of the carrot spouts up to thin them out, and also to see how they were coming along. To my surprise (and delight!) I found that our carrots, although small, have actually turned into food!

We each got to have a teeny tiny carrot with our dinner last night. I was probably more excited about this than I should have been, but I just think it's so cool to have grown something edible from a tiny seed.

Our cauliflower has been growing like crazy... the leaves anyway. We were beginning to think that it had forgotten to grow the meat, but when I was poking around yesterday, I found a tiny little cauliflower floret in the center, so it looks like we will get something after all.

In the next couple weeks we plan on making a larger garden box and planting our spring garden, trying our hand at some new tasty treats. I just love gardening!

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Lea said...

Those veggies look great! There's nothing like the taste of homegrown food for sure. Enjoy!