Thursday, July 08, 2010

Bowling! It's Right Up Our Alley!

The marble jar that we were using as incentive for Joshua's good behavior has kind of run its course. It has done its job - we haven't had a negative report from school in quite some time - so now it has been officially retired. But he had one last full marble jar to cash in, so as his reward, we decided to go bowling. We had such a great time! He loved the funny shoes we got to wear...

Here's Joshua's first throw of the ball...much different than pretending with the Wii remote! (Forgive me that the video is sideways. I forgot we couldn't flip a video around)

Turns out the ball was a little too heavy for him to use one hand, so we showed him another way to do it, which worked much better.

We played two games, and Joshua was a very consistent little bowler.

Game 1

Game 2

We had so much fun!

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