Saturday, July 23, 2011

Welcome to 2005!

We aren't the "Keeping up with the Jones'" kind of people. Our technology is never the latest and greatest. We typically keep our stuff until it dies and we are forced to upgrade. The TV in our living room was originally purchased in about 1997 (no joke) and probably weighed about 150 lbs. We have be praying for something to go out on the darn thing to force us into the upgrade we so desperately wanted but couldn't justify. At the beginning of this year, we decided to say screw it, and bought a brand new HD TV. Of course with that, brought many other upgrades, HD DVR, Blue Ray, and we can now officially say we have entered 2005!

But we couldn't stop there! We have also finally given in to the world of the "Smart Phone". Our cell contract was up earlier this year, and we decided to bite the bullet and got ourselves iPhones. How we survived without them this long I'll never know! How wonderful it is to be able to find anything we need in unfamiliar areas, have driving directions available wherever we are, and I can't lie, being able to have 8 simultaneous games of Scrabble going at once is pretty cool! :)

We still have a few things around here to upgrade, i.e. the TV in our bedroom that I got as my high school graduation gift! But we're definitely moving up the technology ladder lately, and having a great time doing it!

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