Saturday, July 23, 2011

Winter/Spring Garden

It's so great to live in a climate where we can grow things all year long. We had a super successful winter garden this past year. Carrots, spinach and some awesomely huge, and tasty, snow peas.

Thanks to the garden, Joshua discovered this love of spinach. Ever since he tasted the spinach from our garden, he can't get enough!

In addition to the garden, we finally planted a couple citrus trees in the backyard. We decided on an orange tree and a pink grapefruit tree. Orange Tree:

Grapefruit Tree:

We planted the trees back in March. The orange tree is doing great. Unfortunately, it looks like the grapefruit tree has succumbed to the heat, so it will probably have to be replaced once the summer is over.

We also have gotten two grape vines. They are still young, but hopefully next year we'll have some yummy homegrown grapes!

Our spring garden just wasn't super successful this year. We planted tomatoes, zucchini, and corn. Everything sprouted and grew tall, but nothing other than the tomatoes...

...was exceptionally fruitful. We got a couple good zucchini (which were delicious cooked on the grill!), but we certainly didn't have an abundance of zucchini (thanks to the bees stealing my pollen!), and our corn cobs just didn't grow kernels, which kind of made them look like "hillbilly teeth". LOL! Oh well, gardening is still fun! :)

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