Saturday, June 21, 2008

3 Year Old Checkup

Josh went for his 3 year old check up today, and passed with flying colors. He weighed in at 31 lbs, so he is finally at the 50% for his weight! We couldn't believe it. He's still so skinny, with his little chicken legs and his teeny tiny heiny that we love so much, we were surprised he had jumped up on the growth chart like he did. Especially considering he only gained about 2-3 lbs the whole year. Apparently growth tapers off around this time. He measured 40 inches, which keeps him in the 95% for height. At this age they start measuring his Body Mass Index (BMI). He was only in the 3% for BMI. There is not an ounce of fat on this kid! Cognitively, he is right on target, and even a little ahead of the curve in some areas. He is completely potty trained and has been for a while now, he loves to read and can memorize entire books (there are at least 3 that he has memorized word for word). He picks up the words and tunes to songs and can start singing along very quickly... all in all he's just one smart little boy. So we got the clean bill of health this morning, and got out of there without any pokes in the arm or the leg. Whoo hoo!

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