Friday, June 06, 2008

Mobility... Ain't it Great?!?

Okay, so much for blogging more often! Now that Ben is moving around there isn't much computer time left in my day for blogging!

Ben has gotten to be a mighty speedy scooter. He's found what works for him, and he's sticking to it! Now that getting places is a mastered art, Ben has moved on to bigger and better things... standing. That's right. Ben has started to pull himself up. The conditions still have to be exactly right, but he has learned how to get those little feet under him. His favorite thing to pull himself up on is his musical Leap Frog table. It's the perfect hight for him to get up on his knees and hoist himself the rest of the way up. He gets so proud of himself!

The other milestone he has reached is getting himself into a sitting position. For the longest time, he couldn't figure out how to get his knees under him. Now he's got that down, and can crawl (or scoot) over to something, then sit up and play with it. It's great! The only thing is, you never know where you're going to find him! For instance...

Still no teeth. Although my body isn't complaining about that, I'm starting to wonder if he'll EVER get teeth! I've (partly) joked that I want to get him a dental x-ray just to make sure they're in there! It sounds silly, but it would make me feel better.

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