Friday, June 20, 2008

Sippy, Sippy!

I didn't think he would EVER do it, but Ben has finally decided to try drinking out of his own sippy cup. Yay! I was beginning to think he was going to want me to hold his cup for him forever! I guess one drawback to nursing is that he only gets one bottle a day and doesn't really get the chance to practice holding it himself very often. I knew he COULD do it.... he just WOULDN'T do it. The lazy bum! But the other day he started to show some interest in doing it himself. So, in order to encourage him, I broke down and got him a little bottle of juice (gasp!). I am not a fan of juice, but wanted to try to give him some way watered down incentive to put his little hands around that cup. It seems to have worked. He was double fisting the cup and taking swigs tonight. Go Ben!

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Mr. & Mrs Polychrones said...

I love this pic of Ben