Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter 2009

Easter is such a special time for us. It is the celebration of the biggest, most significant event to take place in the history of the world! Jesus, who had been crucified just 3 days prior, which paid the price for all of our sins, rose from the dead, proving once and for all that he IS God! How incredible! In years past, we have not been able to do much of anything for Easter, other than go to church and look for Easter eggs in the backyard. But this year we were able to get together with our parents and have a really fun day!

Festivities started on Saturday, when Joshua and I made Easter cookies (which I'm sure has now become a tradition in our house!). We made cookies shaped like Bunnies, butterflies, flowers and eggs, and decorated them with different colored homemade frosting, M&M's and chocolate chips. We had such a good time together and Joshua is an Egg-cellent cookie decorator (get it?). We went to church on Saturday night, having been enticed by the offer of free pizza for dinner after the service. After enjoying our pizza, we went home and colored our Easter eggs. This was Joshua's 2nd time coloring eggs, and he did a great job, even making 2-colored eggs without any help.

On Easter Sunday we lounged around a lot of the morning. Andrew went to church to help greet for one of the Sunday morning services, and when he got home we gave the boys their Easter baskets. We were a little surprised that Joshua didn't pee his pants over his Easter basket, he was so excited about getting it. Of course he dove right into the Jelly Beans, and they were both so excited over getting new bubble bath and a cool no-spill bubble blower.

Joshua also got a little train set that runs on a circle track. I never would have imagined that a $2 toy would make him so happy!

Note to self for the upcoming birthday! After baskets I sneaked outside to hide the eggs, and both boys really got into hunting for the eggs. Joshua did a great job letting Ben find some eggs, instead of running after all of them himself, and Ben got the hang of this egg hunting thing very quickly! It was so much fun!

After that Grandma and Grandad and Grandma and Grandpa B all came over. Grandma and Grandpa had Great-Grandma Pat with them, too. It was so great to see her! Grandma B brought Easter baskets for the boys, with WAY too much candy in them (but then, that's a Grandma's job, right?) and we had a nice visit with everyone. My parents stayed for dinner and we ate way too much, having ham, baked beans (my mom's are the BEST!), potato salad, asparagus and deviled eggs, with carrot cake for dessert.

After everyone had gone home, we packed up some cookies and took them to our neighbor, Mr. Jim, who invited us in to visit for a bit, and the boys quickly discovered his putting machine, so they occupied themselves trying to roll golfballs into the hole so they could watch them shoot out.

It seems like as the boys get older the holidays get more and more fun. What a great Easter!

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Steve & Nancy said...

What a wonderful Easter! Where did you get that $2 train?? Ashley would love one! :)