Monday, April 20, 2009


Mommy and Daddy got to take a weekend getaway to Las Vegas this past weekend. The biggest reason for the trip was to get to meet this little one...

That's our newest little niece, Adria Lynn Jones. She's such a doll! It was the highlight of my weekend to be able to do this...

and this

Of course I did let Andrew hold her, at least for a few minutes.

After I had gotten my baby fix, and had a good visit with Kerri, we headed off to our hotel to begin the second part of our trip, celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary! My boss finagled us a free room at The Mirage, so we were living in style!

Our room was so cute

After resting up for a little bit, we got ready and headed downstairs to dinner at Samba Brazilian Steakhouse. It was definitely a unique dining experience. There are several waiters who walk around with different kinds of meat on giant skewers and slice you off pieces.

They'll keep coming until you indicate on your table you'd like to take a break. Everything was so good, and we got so stuffed! Here we are with our Plates O' Meat

After dinner we went out on the strip and walked around the various casinos. We played some slots at Caesar's Palace, but that was a big bust! I guess when you've limited yourself to $20, you're not planning on walking away with anything! But we did get our pictures taken with some gladiators

Since we didn't like to see our money disappearing so quickly on the $.25 slots, at the next casino, Paris, we opted for the penny slots. That's my kind of gambling! My first spin, I got this

yeah, it was only a dollar, but it sure was fun watching the credits rack up. And at least our $5 lasted about twenty minutes, instead of two! When we were done with the slots, we headed back to the room, as we were DONE fighting the crowds of the drunk and scantily clad. We ordered some apple pie from room service (that was some good apple pie... worth the $16 - no joke!) and hit the sack. That was a long day. I'm surprised we made it as late as we did!

The next morning we got up and tried a few spins at the Roulette table. That was a big bust, but fun anyway! Before heading home we had brunch with Kerri and Jonathon, and of course Adria too.

Jonathon had been working on Saturday, so we were happy to be able to see him, at least for a little bit. We ate at the Hash House a Go Go.

If you're ever in Vegas and looking for some good breakfast, you've GOT to try this place. It was so good, and the portions are unreal. After brunch we hopped on the road to head home and see our boys, who had spent the weekend with Grandma and Grandad.

I can't say that Vegas is our kind of town, but it was fun to get away for a couple days without kids and have some fun adult time. We'll be sure not to wait another 4 years before we do it again!

The obligatory self portrait!

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Lea said...

Sounds like a great time! What a great little getaway and congrats on your anniversary!