Saturday, April 25, 2009

Big Boy Bed

Joshua is our little giant. At just under 4 years old he is nearly 4 feet tall. So it's no surprise that he has come very close to outgrowing his toddler bed. So we buckled down, stimulated the economy and bought him his first (and probably only until he moves out the house!) big boy bed. We got it at Pruitt's which is the BEST furniture store in the Valley. I think almost every piece of furniture we have is from there. The bed was delivered this morning. It looks so huge in his room compared to the little toddler bed. Check it out!

When we told him we were getting him a new bed, he was SO excited. We asked what kind of sheets he wanted, and without hesitation announced that he was going to have a Thomas the Train bed. Alrighty then. Thomas the Train you shall have! It is so stinking cute!

He of course had to give it an immediate test drive.

In addition to his new bed, Josh also got a clock radio/CD player to put on his new nightstand. After his room was all set up, he spent almost an hour playing different CD's in his room. Our plan is to start training him to get himself up and ready in the morning. We are going to have him help us make a CD with all of his favorite songs, and set his alarm to start playing the CD when it's time to get up and get ready for school. We think he's going to do an awesome job with that, and it might even make the mornings a little easier. We'll see!

As I type the bed is on its maiden voyage to dreamland (it was no problem getting Josh to take a nap today!). This is just another sign that he's growing up before our very eyes!


Lea said...

He look so cute in the adorable bed! And I'm so impressed that he still takes naps!

Steve & Nancy said...

We love Pruitts too! Our bedroom furniture is from there. I love Joshua's new bedroom set...way cute! Ashley is on her way to getting a new bed too...will have to check out that furniture store for sure! Good luck with him getting ready in the mornings! :)