Monday, June 08, 2009

Good Morning, Sunshine!

What a morning! Our alarm went off an hour and a half late this morning! What I never want to see on a Monday morning is the clock reading 6:30 when it should say 5:00. So of course we flew out of bed and got ready in a rush so we could attempt to get everyone out of the house on time.

We probably would have been in some pretty lousy moods this morning, if it weren't for Joshua. When we went in his room to get him going, we found him fully dressed lying on his bed looking at a book. His alarm had gone off almost an hour before, and he had gotten himself up, used the potty and dressed himself and was just hanging out in there waiting for us to come and get him like we ask him to do on weekends when he rises with the sun. It was just too cute and too funny we couldn't be upset! He's such a good boy!

Thankfully, I had made lunches the night before, and was out the door exactly 18 minutes after waking up. That must be some kind of record! I had to try to get to work early this morning (of all mornings!) so I had to leave Andrew to get the kids ready. They got out a bit late, but not too bad. What a way to start the week!


The Bangos said...

What a big boy now! You have him trained well!

Nancy said...

How sweet is your Joshua?!!! Love it!! Can you train my girls?..haha! Hope the rest of your week goes great!

Jen S. said...

Wow that's impressive!