Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sing it Out!

It looks like both boys have inherited the singing gene. Josh learns songs at an incredible rate. The other day in the car he started singing "This Land is Your Land", which we didn't even know he knew. He said they learned it in school for the 4th of July parade they're having on Thursday. We were so impressed that he nailed every single word of the song, and even helped me remember the words to the second verse! Today he started belting out Yankee Doodle Dandy. He loves to sing. Gee, where did he ever get that??? =)

Ben has also discovered his little singing voice. He can sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider (complete with hand movements of course), Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and Old MacDonald. Of course these are all Benny versions of these songs (meaning it's "mumble mumble mumble wipe spider out.... mumble mumble mumble eieio - pronounced as all one word), but we can easily decipher which song he is singing. And we always know when his song is finished because it ends with a resounding "YAY!" *clap clap clap*. One of his newest favorite songs is John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmit, and he can sing pretty much the whole darn thing. It goes something like this: "Joh... J-cob....Jingle... schmi... name too!! OUT! SHOUT! Joh... J-cob....Jingle... schmi...AHHHHHHHHH!!!"It's so funny to catch him during playtime just singing away to himself. Again I must ask... where could he have ever gotten that? Ha ha! We are working on trying to get some videos of our little maestro, so hopefully we can get a good one to post soon. It's too cute!

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So cute!!