Sunday, October 25, 2009

Crazy Weekend

What a weekend we have had! We were up not so bright but VERY early on Saturday morning to have a yard sale to get rid of a lot of our baby stuff. We officially opened for business at 7:00, and went until about 11:30. It was amazing how much stuff we had to get rid of, and it felt great to know it wouldn't be in my house anymore!

At the end of the day we made about $200, and still had a bunch of stuff left over, so we loaded it all into the van and hauled it over to my parents for Yard Sale, the Sequel in a few weeks.

When we left my parents house, we brought home with us Benny's big boy bed. He was so excited to get out of his crib and into his big boy bed. So this afternoon we got it set up and he slept in his bed for the very first time at nap time today. Somehow we again got off way too easy with the transition into a bed. He just climbed right in and went to sleep. When we went in to wake him up a couple hours later, he was still sacked out, and looked so stinkin' cute!

Tonight is his first night in his bed, and so far so good. He went down without so much as a peep, so we're crossing our fingers for an uneventful night.

After nap time today we went to Vertuccio Farms for some Fall Fun! We went through the corn maze, and had so much fun walking around trying to find each of the checkpoints.

The boys were such troopers, walking through just about the whole thing, with a few shoulder rides.

After an hour we had found all of the checkpoints and safely made our way back out of the maze.

The boys also got to ride the train and visit some farm animals (Ben's favorite by far was the cow. Apparently cows are REALLY funny.)

They even got to try their hand at milking a "cow".

Of course a day at the farm wouldn't be complete without some photos with the pumpkins!

We rounded out our day with a great family dinner at Chilis. The boys must have been starving, because they were ALL about the food. Josh devoured his cheese crisp and Ben was pretty much a human garbage disposal. It was one of our more peaceful dinners out we have had. It was some great family time. Now, back to work tomorrow so we can relax!

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Lea said...

You are so lucky to have such easy transitions to beds! We'll be working on that in November, except we have an even bigger obstacle on our hands since Asher sleeps in our bed right now!