Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick ARRRR Treat!

Happy Halloween! We took the boys trick or treating tonight, and they had SO much fun! Josh was a pirate and Ben as a fireman. How cute are they???

We went through the neighborhood and the boys were so good, saying trick or treat at every door, and saying thank you after getting each treat.

Which way should we go first?

Our neighborhood is so much fun on Halloween. Lots of people hang out in their driveways with firepits, and a few have "treats" (of the liquid variety) for the parents. One of the houses really gets into the fun and sets up a whole animatronic display in their garage, and hands out cookies, popcorn and balloons.

Because we are always out trick or treating at the same time as everyone else, we always leave our candy bowl on the porch for the trick or treaters. We've never really had a problem in the past, other than probably a few kids taking more pieces than their share. This year when we returned home, we found that, not only was our candy gone, so was our candy bowl! Seriously. Who takes the candy bowl? Good thing it was a $2 plastic bowl and not anything I was more emotionally attached to, but still! What is wrong with people? The most we could figure is that we ran out of treats, so we got tricked. Oh well. Looks like we'll be hitting the Halloween clearance over the next couple days to replace it. We're definitely not sad that all of our candy was taken with the haul we brought home!

Trick or Treat!

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Lea said...

I love their costumes! And your neighborhood sounds like so much fun on Halloween! I can't believe someone stole your candy bowl!