Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Moving Right Along

Benny is totally rocking the house on his potty training. Over last weekend we had him in underpants whenever we were home and he was awake. All in all he wore under pants for probably 75% of the weekend, used the potty 6 times, and only had one accident, right before we were about to sit on the potty. Wow!

The school the kids go to is awesome and totally work right along side us in potty training. We have told his teachers that he is starting to use the potty, so they have begun offering him the potty at various points throughout the day. He just about always wants to try, but hadn't actually gone at school... until today! And he did it standing up to boot! He was so proud of himself, and I of course made sure he knew loud and clear how proud I was of him.

But that wasn't the only potty training development of the day. At dinner time, Benny looked up at me and clearly said "Mommy, I need to go potty." We got right into the bathroom and he did just that. Just about every other time he has used the potty it has been initiated by either me or Andrew, so we were so excited to see that he is learning to notice, in advance, that he needs to go potty.

He's doing such a great job! Now, if we could get him to do the rest of his, um, business on the potty, we'd really be rolling! We know that will come with time. There's just one thing to say... Go Benny!

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Lea said...

Wow, sounds like very soon there will be no diapers in your house! Can you send Ben up here to teach Asher a few tricks? :)