Sunday, November 15, 2009

Show That No. 2 Who's Boss

This post is probably going to be entirely TMI, so be forewarned. But it was such a groundbreaking and exciting day in potty training, I just can't help myself! What was probably entirely on accident, Ben pooped on the potty today! I was at the grocery store, so I didn't get to be here for it, but I guess he kept saying he needed to go potty and went in to try but wasn't doing anything. After about the 5th time of this song and dance, Andrew told him to just go in and do what he needed to do since he can pull down his own underpants and get himself situated on his little potty. When he was done he told Andrew he went pee pee, but when Andrew went into check, it wasn't just pee pee in the potty. I guess Ben wasn't has excited about having pooped in the potty as Josh and Daddy were, but he did think it was pretty cool to get to flush it down. Isn't it funny how excited parents get over the things their kids do? We were so proud of his little poop today, that Andrew even joked about taking a picture of not only the evidence, but of Ben's very first skid mark in his underpants. LOL! Don't worry.... we didn't, and even if we did, we'd spare you!

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