Sunday, March 30, 2008

Potty Training... Phase 3

Okay. We have reached our final stage of potty training. Joshua has mastered daytime potty training, breezed through nap time potty training, and now we are tackling overnight potty training. We were just about out of diapers for him, and he has been not fitting so well into his size 4's, so we knew the next pack would need to be bumped up to a 5. I really didn't want to go up a size, and instead wanted to try to do away with the diapers altogether. Andrew wasn't quite so excited about it, and didn't think Josh was quite ready because he would wake up with a full diaper in the morning. My theory, however, was that he was going in his diaper because he COULD, not because he had to, so I wanted to try and see if he could do it. We decided to go for Pull Ups for this one, since they aren't quite as absorbent as a diaper, but wouldn't make quite so much of a mess as if he had an accident wearing underpants. We called the Pull Ups "Special Underpants" and got him really excited about them. We told him that he was wearing underpants to bed, and that he doesn't go pee pee in his underpants or in his bed. He seemed to understand and be on board with the idea, so we went for it. At 5:30 in the morning, he woke up crying that he had to go potty (he doesn't come out of his room, and so he usually will cry for us if he needs us). His Pull Up was completely dry! He had made it all night and had woken up to go potty. After Andrew took him to the bathroom, he went back to bed, and slept for another hour or so, until he woke up needing to now um, finish his business. We are so proud of him! He never ceases to amaze us with how grown up he is getting to be. I am hoping that this package of Pull Ups will be the last diaper type item we will ever have to buy for him. What a big boy!!!

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