Sunday, March 30, 2008

What a Weekend!

What an exciting weekend this has been! It's hard to believe that it's over already. We had so much fun, it is worth the exhaustion we now feel.

On Saturday morning, Andrew took Joshua to a Daddy & Me day that was being held by our daycare. The theme was "Having a Ball". They had all sorts of fun activities, such as tricycle races, gymnastics, baseball, soccer, bouncy obstacle courses and so much more. Joshua even got to sit on a City bus. He had so much fun, and even got to see some of his friends from school. It was great for him and Andrew to be able to spend such quality time together.

After Having a Ball, we went with Grandma and Granddad to the open house of the new fire station by Grandma and Granddad's house. Joshua got to sit up in a fire truck (and play with the walkie talkie), a helicopter, and even wear the fireman's headset. We got to see where the firemen hang out, where they sleep and where they eat.

On Sunday, our old friends Jason and Carrie Miller from Seattle (Jason was Andrew's friend from his MCC days, and was the one who got him out to Santa Barbara) came over with their little 18 month old daughter Natalie. Joshua and Natalie were fast friends, playing on the swing set and with all of our toys. They had such a great time running around together. After they left I realized that we didn't get any pictures of Jason and Carrie when they were here. =( But we at least got a couple of Natalie, so at least we can prove that they came over. =)

With so much happening this weekend, it went by so quickly. But it was all stuff that was so much fun to do with the kids (Ben was at least for the ride for most of it... one day he'll be able to participate too), and we hope that it will make some really happy memories. That's what it's all about!

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