Monday, July 21, 2008

The Case of the Missing Library Card: SOLVED

As you may have read about in a previous post, Andrew took Josh for his first visit to the public library a week or so ago, getting Josh his very own library card. When they got home, Joshua was so excited to show me his new card. He ran in the house and shoved it in my face so I could see it. I'm glad I got a good look at it because none of us ever saw it again. It was the strangest thing. We knew he was the last one to have it, and we know that he loves to stick things places... places that probably make sense to a 3 year old. So when we discovered that it was missing, we asked Josh where he put it because he usually knows exactly where he puts things. Like I said, it makes sense to him. But even he couldn't remember. So we determined that it was either in the pantry or got thrown in the garbage. After scowering the pantry, we decided it had to have been thrown away, in which case it's gone forever. So I gave up, totally defeated by a library card we had for all of 10 minutes.

THEN this morning, Josh and I were making lunches, and I asked him to get a cookie for Daddy's lunch. He went to the pantry and was very sad to find the cookie box was empty. So I went over to get the box to throw it away and, ta-da! The library card was safely tucked away inside. Of course it would be in the cookie box! How silly of me. That's where we keep everything important! I have never been so excited to see a piece of plastic! Case closed!

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