Saturday, July 05, 2008

Tour de Chicago Street

Josh got a great Radio Flyer tricycle for his 2nd birthday. But he has always had trouble with the peddles, and so we would always have to push him. He hasn't had much of a chance to try lately since it has been so unbearably hot outside. But on Friday morning, he woke up super early (someone needs to explain the concept of sleeping in on holidays!), so after breakfast I took him outside to enjoy his swing set and other backyard toys that haven't gotten played with since May. After playing for a bit, I took a small break to get some water (even though it's not 110+ at 7:00 am, it's still less than cool), and when I came back, Josh was riding around the backyard on his trike, as if to say I've been doing this since the day I was born! We were so excited, we took him out to the front and let him ride up and down the sidewalk. He did such a great job steering and peddling. He helped Daddy give the bike a tune-up, and when we were done, we washed our bike in the driveway. Do we have the next Lance Armstrong? Maybe, maybe not, but we're pretty darn proud of him either way!

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