Sunday, September 28, 2008


I hate being sick. I don't do it well. Usually I just chalk it up to allergies and press on. But when you're running a 102 fever and it feels like you've swallowed a whole package of razor blades, it's hard to keep on keepin' on. All last week I was kind of feeling like I was trying to come down with something. Then Friday night, I couldn't sleep because I was hot, then I was freezing, hot, freezing. I figured I probably had a fever, and sure enough it was in the 101's. That is so unlike me to get a fever, so I knew I was getting something bad. Saturday the sore throat started and this morning it was so bad I ended up going to urgent care. My rapid strep test came back negative, but the FNP didn't believe it after taking a look at my throat so he went ahead and prescribed Penicillin to try to kick it out of me. Hopefully the meds will do their job quickly so I can begin to function like a human being again. This being sick thing is for the birds!


heather said...

Oh no did you get strep from me from reading my blog?! ;-) It's horrible isn't it? Mine came back negative as well, but Mike and Riordan were positive.. so I did antibiotics and my fever finally broke on day three. Sore throat gone on day four.
Praying you healer much faster than I did!

Just lil ol me! said...

Wow Brenda that was pretty clever detective work to figure out that blog was me! I glad you figured it out it's good to hear from you! I am a stylist at Salon Surreal. What are you up to these days? I hope all is well! I probably will figure out more as I read your blog! Ha ha! ;o)

Just lil ol me! said...

I added you on myspace. I am also on facebook too. I would really love any information I can get! That would be great thank you!!